The Talking Walls® is a multi-medium resource for adults, children, visitor centres, teachers/educators, disabled people and heritage organisations. It is designed to enhance the interest and appeal, particularly of heritage sites, by including educative, cultural, artistic, social and historic dimensions, satisfying a multitude of requirements and covering curriculum areas such as History, Science, Maths, Technology, Art, Design and Geography.

Interested parties have been the British Museum, the National Trust, English Heritage, Beaulieu and local museums.


Invitation  -  Launch of the Talking Walls application at Beaulieu Abbey on 19th May

Invitation to the launch of Talking Walls application at Beaulieu Abbey on 19th May


News  -  Jane Austen themed Talking Walls

A short demo for a possible Talking Walls project about Jane Austen's homes

More details on the News page


Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire


  The Talking Walls® - 'Beaulieu Abbey' pilot preview



The preview will be free to access via the web for a limited period. Once the 'Interactive Abbey' matrix is completed (coinciding with the installation of the kiosk at the Abbey), the site will be accessed via membership to The Talking Walls®, and / or from having visited the Abbey.

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